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Texas Brewery Passport™ App Launches


The Texas Craft Brewers Guild is excited to announce the launch of Texas Brewery Passport™, a mobile app designed to help beer enthusiasts find and visit the association’s small and independent brewery members across Texas, plus, create their own brewery trails, add stamps to a digital passport, climb the leaderboard, earn badges, and collect points to redeem for special prizes and free merch.

Available today in the App Store and Google Play, TCBG partnered with Brewers Marketing, a specialty division of software developer Daruma Tech, on the project, which has been in development since earlier this Spring.

“The launch of Texas Brewery Passport™ comes at a time when it’s more important than ever to support the Texas craft brewing industry and these hard-hit, local small businesses” Texas Craft Brewers Guild Executive Director Charles Vallhonrat said. “Whether folks are swinging by their neighborhood breweries for curbside beer-to-go, or, looking for socially distanced beer gardens to relax in with a pint, we hope beer enthusiasts will enjoy bringing this app along for the ride.”

While the Texas Craft Brewers Guild hopes the launch of Texas Brewery Passport™ will help boost brewery visibility during a difficult time for the industry, longterm, Vallhonrat believes the app will be a powerful tool to help foster craft beer tourism opportunities across the state.

“From downtown taprooms, to scenic destination breweries, Texas boasts an incredible variety of local beer makers,” Vallhonrat said. “Because the vast majority of these breweries do not distribute their beer outside of Texas, a lot of craft beer drinkers in other states have had limited exposure to their products. And, until September 2019, beer tourists who did visit Texas had the added confusion and disappointment of not being able to purchase beer-to-go from all of the breweries they visited. When tourism eventually starts to rebound, not only will visiting beer

lovers be able to take home beer-to-go as a souvenir, but they’ll also have Texas Brewery Passport™ as a resource to help plan and enhance their trips across Texas.”

Texas Brewery Passport™ app is now available for iOS and Android. Learn more at

Note: at the time of this original press release Texas Brewery Passport™ was named Texas Brewery Explorer. This post has been updated to reflect the app’s new name. For more information, visit the Texas Brewery Passport™ FAQs.