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Why the new name?

After learning of another similarly named, non-Texas specific mobile app, we decided to eliminate any potential for confusion. Changing the name from Texas Brewery Explorer to Texas Brewery Passport™ gives us the opportunity to cooperatively bolster the craft beer industry at large while promoting the core Passport functionality of our app.

I’m at a Texas brewery, but it’s not in the app. Why is that?

Texas Brewery Passport™  breweries are members of the Texas Craft Brewers Guild, the brewer-led, non-profit trade association committed to advancing the Texas craft brewing industry through legislative, regulatory, and public advocacy, as well as education and promotional initiatives like the Texas Craft Brewers Festival and Texas Brewery Passport! Because of the hard work of TCBG members, we’ve seen some really positive changes to Texas beer laws over the years, including the legalization of brewery taprooms, and brewpub distribution, in 2013, and the passage of Beer-To-Go in 2019.

All of our members are also 100% independently owned (meaning they’re not owned by one of the international mega breweries).

If you’re a fan of an independent brewery that is not currently listed in the app, it means they probably aren’t a member of TCBG, but we absolutely welcome them to learn more about joining at If you’re visiting their taproom, feel free to let them know that you’d love to see them in the app!

How does the Passport feature work?

For each brewery you visit, you can have your passport virtually stamped to accrue points that will earn you badges and rewards like free merch. To collect a stamp while visiting a brewery, all you have to do is tap “Stamp My Passport” in the Passport section of the App and GPS will take care of the rest! (Having issues stamping your passport? Check out the FAQs below.)

As a passport holder, you have two years from the date of your first passport stamp to redeem your rewards and climb the leaderboard.

After two years, your stamps will expire and you will begin your brewery exploration anew! Don’t worry though, your expired stamps will still be accessible in case you want to relive your past adventures.

So, to summarize–visit breweries, earn free stuff and bragging rights, and then repeat! We’ll keep adding badges, new rewards, and new breweries so there’s always something fresh.

What if I’m having trouble stamping my passport at a brewery?

First, try going to your phone settings to make sure your location services are enabled for Texas Brewery Passport™.

If your phone still isn’t recognizing that you are at the brewery, it’s possible other factors like poor network connectivity could be interfering with the GPS feature. But, don’t worry! In this case, you can request a manual passport stamp inside the Passport section of the app. All you need to do is submit a manual stamp request along with a selfie.

This photo must show YOU inside the brewery with signage in the background to definitively prove that you are at the brewery location.

Photos of beer, tap handles, coasters, menus, passport booklets, receipts, photos from outside the brewery, photos taken while the brewery is closed, images taken from the internet or other images that do not show you at the location will not be accepted. All inappropriate images will be automatically disqualified.

Why do I have to wait 30 minutes between collecting stamps?

In an effort to prevent “drive-by stamping” (enjoy the full taproom experience, folks!), as well as encourage responsible imbibing, there’s a 30-minute wait between when a user can collect stamps at different breweries. Doing a brewery crawl? If it’s been less than 30 minutes since you stamped your passport at the previous brewery, sit back, relax, enjoy your pint, and try stamping your passport again after a little more time has passed.

What if my app isn’t working right?

If you’ve got a question that isn’t answered here or want to provide feedback on the app, please feel free to email Support by tapping “Feedback & Support” in app menu.

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