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Texas Craft Brewers Cup gold, silver, and bronze medals

Texas Craft Brewers Cup

TCBC is the only professional beer competition run and organized by the Texas Craft Brewers Guild to showcase the outstanding quality and variety of Texas craft beer and the brewers who make them. Now in its second year, 852 anonymized Texas craft beers were judged by industry professionals and experienced beer judges over the last weekend in January. The 81 medal winning beers, along with two Brewery of the Year award winners, were revealed in a closing ceremony at the Texas Craft Brewers Guild’s Annual Meeting in Austin on February 11, 2023.

2023 Competition Stats


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Medal Winners

GoldGold IndustryAustin Beer Garden Brewing Co.PilsnerAustin2023
SilverSilver Silver MedalPilzLive Oak Brewing CompanyPilsnerAustin2023
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalHans’ PilsReal Ale Brewing CompanyPilsnerBlanco2023
GoldGold La BeerZilker Brewing CompanyAmerican & International Lager/Light LagerAustin2023
SilverSilver Silver Medal500 PesosODD Muse BrewingAmerican & International Lager/Light LagerFarmer’s Branch2023
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalPolymathCelestial BeerworksAmerican & International Lager/Light LagerDallas2023
GoldGold Neato BanditoDeep Ellum Brewing CompanyGolden, Blond, & Light AlesDallas2023
SilverSilver Silver MedalBig Thicket BlondeWhite Rock Alehouse & BreweryGolden, Blond, & Light AlesDallas2023
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalEasy BreesyBuckstin Brewing CompanyGolden, Blond, & Light AlesNederland2023
GoldGold Kayaker’s KolschCentral District BrewingKölschAustin2023
SilverSilver Silver MedalAltstadt KolschAltstadt BreweryKölschFredericksburg2023
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalFrost BierFrost Town BrewingKölschHouston2023
GoldGold Freudian Slip N SlideRoadmap Brewing Co.Session and Standard German & Czech LagersSan Antonio2023
SilverSilver Silver MedalLettieDorćol Distilling and BrewingSession and Standard German & Czech LagersSan Antonio2023
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalDas Boots with the FurBuckstin Brewing CompanySession and Standard German & Czech LagersNederland2023
GoldGold SaladobockBarrow Brewing CompanyStrong German & Czech LagersSalado2023
SilverSilver Silver MedalZilkeratorZilker Brewing CompanyStrong German & Czech LagersAustin2023
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalDortschlagerKuenstler BrewingStrong German & Czech LagersSan Antonio2023
GoldGold Castle Pale AleWalking Stick Brewing CompanyClassic UK StylesHouston2023
SilverSilver Silver MedalHouse of LordsSenate Avenue Brewing CompanyClassic UK StylesJersey Village2023
BronzeBronze Bronze Medal(512) Nut Brown(512) Brewing CompanyClassic UK StylesAustin2023
GoldGold First of His NameEdgewise Eight BrewingStout & PorterWeatherford2023
SilverSilver Silver MedalPecan Porter(512) Brewing CompanyStout & PorterAustin2023
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalOris DonLazarus Brewing CompanyStout & PorterAustin2023
GoldGold Free WillLazarus Brewing CompanySession and Standard Hoppy Pale Ales and LagersAustin2023
SilverSilver Silver MedalOpen RhythmsVector BrewingSession and Standard Hoppy Pale Ales and LagersDallas2023
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalFloating in SpaceGood Line Beer CoSession and Standard Hoppy Pale Ales and LagersLubbock2023
GoldGold Secret BeachMeanwhile Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAAustin2023
SilverSilver Silver MedalCold Night For AlligatorsOddwood BrewingAmerican IPAAustin2023
BronzeBronze Bronze Medal40 Days & 40 NightsLazarus Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAAustin2023
GoldGold Juice SerumRollertown BeerworksHazy IPACelina2023
SilverSilver Silver MedalLeaf PeeperHold Out BrewingHazy IPAAustin2023
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalHeavenly DazeZilker Brewing CompanyHazy IPAAustin2023
GoldGold Imagine 14 YearsFreetail Brewing CompanyStrong Hoppy BeerSan Antonio2023
SilverSilver Silver MedalDouble StarsCelestial BeerworksStrong Hoppy BeerDallas2023
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalNomuraPinthouse BrewingStrong Hoppy BeerAustin2023
GoldGold Lady Wood Spruce TipBear King Brewing Co.Specialty HoppyMarble Falls2023
SilverSilver Silver MedalDust DevilStarbase BrewingSpecialty HoppyAustin2023
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalWarrior RoadNo Label Brewing Co.Specialty HoppyKaty2023
GoldGold KarnsteinAcopon Brewing CompanyAmber and Dark BeersDripping Springs2023
SilverSilver Silver MedalBowie BockFreetail Brewing CompanyAmber and Dark BeersSan Antonio2023
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalSunrisePondaseta Brewing Co.Amber and Dark BeersAmarillo2023
GoldGold Battle of BritainMaple Branch Craft BreweryBarleywine & Strong AleFort Worth2023
SilverSilver Silver MedalSabotage8th Wonder BreweryBarleywine & Strong AleHouston2023
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalOld Man MarleyGood Line Beer CoBarleywine & Strong AleLubbock2023
GoldGold Small GiantTrue Anomaly BrewingBelgian & Farmhouse AlesHouston2023
SilverSilver Silver MedalThe Divine MonkSiren Rock Brewing CompanyBelgian & Farmhouse AlesRockwall2023
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalAtrial RubiciteJester King BreweryBelgian & Farmhouse AlesAustin2023
GoldGold PatersbierLone Man Mountain Brewing Co.Belgian Abbey AlesDriftwood2023
SilverSilver Silver MedalSixteen SunsTrue Anomaly BrewingBelgian Abbey AlesHouston2023
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalQUADVallensons’ Brewing CompanyBelgian Abbey AlesPearland2023
GoldGold Pho ShoVector BrewingFruit & Field BeerDallas2023
SilverSilver Silver MedalRoyal TanninMeanwhile Brewing CompanyFruit & Field BeerAustin2023
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalRaspberry FieldsMaple Branch Craft BreweryFruit & Field BeerFort Worth2023
GoldGold French PressSaint Arnold Brewing CompanyChocolate & CoffeeHouston2023
SilverSilver Silver MedalMechanical GrizzlyLakewood BrewingChocolate & CoffeeGarland2023
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalCoffee PorterLast Stand Brewing CompanyChocolate & CoffeeAustin2023
GoldGold Fruited Little Boss — PomegranateBlue Owl BrewingAmerican & European SourAustin2023
SilverSilver Silver MedalGuava GoddessKuenstler BrewingAmerican & European SourSan Antonio2023
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalLa Dame RougeThe Brewtorium Brewery & KitchenAmerican & European SourAustin2023
GoldGold Aurora 7True Anomaly BrewingBrett & Mixed CultureHouston2023
SilverSilver Silver MedalMoonbowTrue Anomaly BrewingBrett & Mixed CultureHouston2023
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalTulleJester King BreweryBrett & Mixed CultureAustin2023
GoldGold Sea of WavesTrue Anomaly BrewingWood & Barrel-Aged Sour & Brett BeerHouston2023
SilverSilver Silver MedalBourbon Barrel Aged Moderne DanskJester King BreweryWood & Barrel-Aged Sour & Brett BeerAustin2023
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalFlanders RedGrain TheoryWood & Barrel-Aged Sour & Brett BeerAbilene2023
GoldGold Banjo! Banjo! Banjoooo!!!!Funky Picnic Brewery & CafeSmoke & Chili BeerFort Worth2023
SilverSilver Silver MedalLager FaceHold Out BrewingSmoke & Chili BeerAustin2023
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalSmoked PorterArmor Brewing CoSmoke & Chili BeerAllen2023
GoldGold Lion Share XLakewood BrewingBarrel & Wood Aged BeerGarland2023
SilverSilver Silver MedalBourbon Barrel Aged Castle BlackPondaseta Brewing Co.Barrel & Wood Aged BeerAmarillo2023
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalBourbon Barrel Wee HeavyRanger Creek Brewing and DistillingBarrel & Wood Aged BeerSan Antonio2023
GoldGold MoonsmokeVector BrewingExperimental, Hybrid & Specialty BeerDallas2023
SilverSilver Silver MedalAloha PinaFive Stones Artisan BreweryExperimental, Hybrid & Specialty BeerNew Braunfels2023
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalValkyrieFitzhugh BrewingExperimental, Hybrid & Specialty BeerDripping Springs2023
GoldGold SA HefeDorćol Distilling and BrewingWheat or RyeSan Antonio2023
SilverSilver Silver MedalAltstadt HefeAltstadt BreweryWheat or RyeFredericksburg2023
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalDunkelGrain TheoryWheat or RyeAbilene2023
GoldGold Super Smoothie: Pear Blueberry CrumbleB52 Brewing Co.Decadent BeerConroe2023
SilverSilver Silver MedalCoconut Space11 Below Brewing CompanyDecadent BeerHouston2023
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalKokomo RoyaleBlue Owl BrewingDecadent BeerAustin2023
GoldGold GoldLive Oak Brewing CompanyPilsnerAustin2022
SilverSilver Silver MedalHans’ PilsReal Ale Brewing CompanyPilsnerBlanco2022
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalPatek PilsPondaseta Brewing Co.PilsnerAmarillo2022
GoldGold Altstadt LightAltstadt BreweryAmerican & International Lager/Light LagerFredericksburg2022
SilverSilver Silver Medal500 PesosODD Muse BrewingAmerican & International Lager/Light LagerFarmer’s Branch2022
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalBurnin’ DaylightHound Song Brewing Co.American & International Lager/Light LagerColumbus2022
GoldGold Buckle BunnyEureka Heights Brew COGolden, Blond, & Light AlesHouston2022
SilverSilver Silver MedalFiremans #4Real Ale Brewing CompanyGolden, Blond, & Light AlesBlanco2022
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalConservezaFreetail Brewing CompanyGolden, Blond, & Light AlesSan Antonio2022
GoldGold Kayaker’s KolschCentral District BrewingKölschAustin2022
SilverSilver Silver MedalLawnmowerSaint Arnold Brewing CompanyKölschHouston2022
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalAltstadt KolschAltstadt BreweryKölschFredericksburg2022
GoldGold Dye-It Pils – Czech PilsnerInfamous Brewing CompanySession and Standard German & Czech LagersAustin2022
SilverSilver Silver MedalHer Black WingsOddwood BrewingSession and Standard German & Czech LagersAustin2022
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalDouble BackboneHound Song Brewing Co.Session and Standard German & Czech LagersColumbus2022
GoldGold River BaptismReal Ale Brewing CompanyStrong German & Czech LagersBlanco2022
SilverSilver Silver MedalStraight to CracklePinthouse BrewingStrong German & Czech LagersAustin2022
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalDeactivatorBAKFISH Brewing CoStrong German & Czech LagersPearland2022
GoldGold Wicket AwesomeEureka Heights Brew COClassic UK StylesHouston2022
SilverSilver Silver MedalAlcaldeWichita Falls Brewing CompanyClassic UK StylesWichita Falls2022
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalPrairie Fire Irish RedFitzhugh BrewingClassic UK StylesDripping Springs2022
GoldGold Recalcitrant DockhandBlack Star Co-opStout & PorterAustin2022
SilverSilver Silver MedalTexas Cannon StoutTexas Cannon Brewing CompanyStout & PorterBlanco2022
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalPecan Porter(512) Brewing CompanyStout & PorterAustin2022
GoldGold Urban ParakeetWhite Rock Alehouse & BrewerySession and Standard Hoppy Pale Ales and LagersDallas2022
SilverSilver Silver MedalLaw Enforcement CheetahFalse Idol BrewingSession and Standard Hoppy Pale Ales and LagersNorth Richland Hills2022
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalBirra D’OroBuckstin Brewing CompanySession and Standard Hoppy Pale Ales and LagersNederland2022
GoldGold Secret BeachMeanwhile Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAAustin2022
SilverSilver Silver MedalBalcones Cold IPABalcones DistillingAmerican IPAWaco2022
BronzeBronze Bronze Medal2 Live & Die In LAFalse Idol BrewingAmerican IPANorth Richland Hills2022
GoldGold Leaf PeeperHold Out BrewingHazy IPAAustin2022
SilverSilver Silver MedalSpirit of EnergyFalse Idol BrewingHazy IPANorth Richland Hills2022
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalShelter in HazeBrotherwell BrewingHazy IPAWaco2022
GoldGold Technical SkillsetCelestial BeerworksStrong Hoppy BeerDallas2022
SilverSilver Silver Medal100 Million Angels SingingTexas Ale ProjectStrong Hoppy BeerDallas2022
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalDouble StardustBatchStrong Hoppy BeerAustin2022
GoldGold Blanca Witbier IPAWalking Stick Brewing CompanySpecialty HoppyHouston2022
SilverSilver Silver MedalLong Walk4th Tap Brewing Co-opSpecialty HoppyAustin2022
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalBloodwork OrangeAustin BeerworksSpecialty HoppyAustin2022
GoldGold American Amber AleBluebonnet Beer CompanyAmber and Dark BeersRound Rock2022
SilverSilver Silver MedalBrushy Creek Brown AleRed Horn Brewing Co.Amber and Dark BeersLeander2022
BronzeBronze Bronze Medalamber lagerAlamo BeerAmber and Dark BeersSan Antonio2022
GoldGold ChurchwardenBrotherwell BrewingBarleywine & Strong AleWaco2022
SilverSilver Silver MedalPrairie Dog PorterTwo Docs Brewing Co.Barleywine & Strong AleLubbock2022
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalVelvet HammerPeticolas Brewing CompanyBarleywine & Strong AleDallas2022
GoldGold TreeformRoughhouse BrewingBelgian & Farmhouse AlesSan Marcos2022
SilverSilver Silver MedalTexas SunGhost Note BrewingBelgian & Farmhouse AlesDripping Springs2022
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalThe Divine MonkSiren Rock Brewing CompanyBelgian & Farmhouse AlesRockwall2022
GoldGold Sun Brewing TripelSun Brewing CompanyBelgian Abbey AlesCanutillo2022
SilverSilver Silver MedalChugboat IslandBuckstin Brewing CompanyBelgian Abbey AlesNederland2022
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalThe Saint of Lost CausesCentral District BrewingBelgian Abbey AlesAustin2022
GoldGold Jacks Wandering SoulMaple Branch Craft BreweryFruit & Field BeerFort Worth2022
SilverSilver Silver MedalAthena’s Elixir (Raspberry)Local Group BrewingFruit & Field BeerHouston2022
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalTangerine QueenLakewood BrewingFruit & Field BeerGarland2022
GoldGold MuseverseODD Muse BrewingChocolate & CoffeeFarmer’s Branch2022
SilverSilver Silver MedalFrench Quarter TemptressLakewood BrewingChocolate & CoffeeGarland2022
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalJolted PhoenixLazarus Brewing CompanyChocolate & CoffeeAustin2022
GoldGold Crush LandingHedgehog BrewingAmerican & European SourCedar Park2022
SilverSilver Silver MedalChilton GoseTwo Docs Brewing Co.American & European SourLubbock2022
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalTiki Hop TotemBlue Owl BrewingAmerican & European SourAustin2022
GoldGold Blended FamilyPondaseta Brewing Co.Brett & Mixed CultureAmarillo2022
SilverSilver Silver MedalBerriedRoughhouse BrewingBrett & Mixed CultureSan Marcos2022
BronzeBronze Bronze Medal2021 SPON Three Year BlendJester King BreweryBrett & Mixed CultureAustin2022
GoldGold Sea of WavesTrue Anomaly BrewingWood & Barrel-Aged Sour & Brett BeerHouston2022
SilverSilver Silver MedalSmall Batch series #1 barrel aged sourAlamo BeerWood & Barrel-Aged Sour & Brett BeerSan Antonio2022
BronzeBronze Bronze MedalFlaaaaandersWhite Rock Alehouse & BreweryWood & Barrel-Aged Sour & Brett BeerDallas2022