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Texas Craft Brewers Celebrate Beer-To-Go Day This Sunday


On Sunday, September 1st Texas will become the final state in the country to legalize take-home sales from manufacturing breweries as the result of a law passed during the 2019 Texas legislative session. Brewers are celebrating Beer-To-Go Day with events across the state.

“September 1st marks a historic day for the Texas craft brewing industry and the consumers who will now be able to purchase beer-to-go directly from the source,” Texas Craft Brewers Guild Executive Director Charles Vallhonrat said. “This is a right that Texas brewers have been fighting to attain for over a decade and finally achieved in 2019 due to a groundswell of bipartisan, public support. We can’t wait to celebrate Beer-To-Go Day at breweries across the state this Sunday!”

Under the new law, a patron will be able to purchase up to 288 fluid ounces of beer per calendar day from a brewery’s tasting room. The allotment is the equivalent of one case of 12 oz bottles or cans—or—nine 32 oz crowlers.

Texas craft brewers have been advocating for beer-to-go for over a decade. The law finally passed this session as an amendment championed by State Representative Eddie Rodriguez (D-Austin) and State Senator Dawn Buckingham (R-Lakeway) on to the TABC Sunset Bill. The movement to #FixTexasBeerLaws gained tremendous steam in the run up to the 86th Legislature with the formation of the Texas Craft Brewers Guild’s political action committee, CraftPAC. Overwhelming grassroots advocacy led to over 15,000 petition signatures in favor of beer- to-go and thousands of Texans reaching out to their legislators directly via calls, emails, and social media to demand progress. For these passionate supporters, beer-to-go is about an equal playing field for small business, consumer choice, and growing beer tourism in the state of Texas.

For more information on all of the reforms contained in the TABC Sunset Bill and background on Beer-To-Go’s winding path through the Texas Legislature this session visit: