Membership Dues

Allied Trade – $500/year

From ingredient and equipment suppliers, to insurance agencies, legal professionals, and branding firms, this membership type is available for the myriad suppliers and service providers who do business with craft brewers.

Retail – $50/year

Craft beer bars, restaurants, bottle shops, and homebrew stores. Any company holding a retail tier license/permit to sell beer in Texas with a strong craft beer focus.

Brewery in Planning – $300/year

Whether you’re currently in the planning, development, or construction phase, our Brewery in Planning Membership is open to any prospective brewery or brewpub in the state of Texas that does not yet hold a Brewer’s Notice, is not yet selling beer, and meets the Guild’s definitions of small, independent, and traditional.

Operating Breweries & Brewpubs – Annual dues vary by production volume

Any operating brewery or brewpub located in Texas that meets the Guild’s definitions of small, independent, and traditional, and holds an approved and current Brewer’s Notice and associated register number issued by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (“TTB”). Use the calculator below and refer to the the chart for how to operating brewery annual dues and amounts.

Operating Brewery Dues Calculator