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Join the Educational Development Committee!

Do you consider yourself a master at the art of brewing? Do you like keeping up on trends and new products? Do you like planning (and hosting) events for your fellow brewers? This might be the committee for you!

The Education & Safety Committee is becoming the Educational Development Committee! To date, the E&S committee has been comprised of Board members that help plan the agenda for our larger events like the Annual Meeting and  Texas Brewery Roundup. Now, we are opening the committee up to include general members to work hand in hand with our board member steering leads. Mainly, we will look to the general members of the committee to help by sharing speaker and topic ideas for our conferences and assisting with hands-on regional education opportunities and upcoming webinars.

The current time commitment that will be expected of a general member of the committee is 1-3 hours a month. Meetings will occur as needed, but conversation will mainly be facilitated through email. All members in the Brewery in Planning and Operating Brewery membership categories will have the opportunity to apply.

Here, we’d like to think a few heads is better than one – and we have heard our Education & Events Coordinator, Paige, mention quite often how she wishes she could fit more heads on her shoulders, but since she doesn’t have the shoulder space, we could really use your help! If you feel like you are ready for the challenge, apply to be a member of the committee by clicking the button below.

If you have any questions, please email Paige at