Sexual Harassment Prevention & Reporting Program Providers

Prevention and responding to reports of sexual harassment at your place of work are key. When quality beer production has to come first, many breweries don’t implement HR programs or partner with service providers until it’s too late. The three third-party providers below are good starting places if you are in need of support for your staff.


WeVow offers an only-one-of-its-kind full suite of top-notch solutions to prevent and address harassment and support your people:

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (customized to your brand)
  • Incident reporting platform
  • Three free counseling sessions for anyone who reports as a victim
  • Three free hours of HR consulting any time you receive a report of sexual harassment
  • Sample sexual harassment policy and workplace signage
  • Member seal for your front door, website, social media, blog, etc.

Discount: Brewers Association members are eligible for a 50% discount on charter membership dues.

How to Access: Join at and use coupon code “BA50”


Looking for a way for employees to anonymously address and report any workplace concerns? Let Speakfully show you.

Whether it’s harassment, bullying, cultural toxicity, bias, or general concerns, navigating the workplace is anything but black and white. 

Speakfully makes it easy for employees to voice workplace concerns, document experiences and journal personal issues – safely, privately and discreetly.\

For business leaders, Speakfully puts the spotlight on corporate culture by providing real-time insights and analytics on trends taking place within your organization. Thus, helping you cultivate a safer and more transparent workplace.

Red Flag Reporting

A simple yet highly effective and multilingual ethics hotlinecompliance hotlinesafety hotlinefraud hotline and whistleblower hotline program designed to educate and empower people with tools to detect and report unethical and unsafe behavior. Bringing red flags to light before theft grows or work conditions lead to litigious situations can be the key to protecting your organization’s employees, goodwill and bottom line.

Red Flag Reporting provides a systematic program that promotes safe and ethical behavior in the workplace through preliminary hotline training, on-going communications, comprehensive reporting options and robust case management software.