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Resources for Texas Craft Brewers Cup medal winning breweries

Marketing Guidelines

Please read before downloading any assets.

Medal winning breweries are encouraged to use their Texas Craft Brewers Cup awards in PR, social media, and advertising campaigns. In order to protect the Texas Craft Brewers Guild and the Texas Craft Brewers Cup’s brand assets, each medal winning brewery planning to make any reference to the Texas Craft Brewers Cup is required to comply with the marketing guidelines below. As part of a collective effort to preserve the integrity and prestige of the competition, any public references to Texas Craft Brewers Cup awards are governed by these rules:

  1. Texas Craft Brewers Cup marketing guidelines allow only for the promotion of awards won from the competition and do not grant any participating brewery permission to utilize information contained in judge scoresheets in any public or promotional manner, including information on an entry’s advancement through the various rounds of judging, or any other information conveyed in the judges’ feedback. This information is confidential and for internal brewery use only.
  2. Always refer to the competition by its complete and accurate name: Texas Craft Brewers Cup. (Texas Craft Brewers’ Cup, Texas Craft Beer Cup, TX Craft Brewers Cup, TX Beer Cup or any other abbreviation or inaccurate title should not be used.)
  3. Texas Craft Brewers Cup brand assets and medal graphics should be used exactly as they are supplied and should not be altered in any way that changes their shape, color, text, aspect ratio, etc. If you need alternative files for specific print uses, please email
  4. All references to an award must include a mention of the category in which the medal was received, the specific type of medal (i.e., gold; silver; bronze ), the year it was received (i.e. 2022) and the name of the beer as entered in the competition for the year in which the award was received. For example “Our (beer name) took (medal color) in the (category name) at the 2022 Texas Craft Brewers Cup.”
  5. Each required item in bullet #4 must be referenced in a font size large enough to be read and in direct conjunction with the reference to the award.
  6. Promotions or any other mentions of Texas Craft Brewers Cup may not mention the name of any judge or judges serving as a part of the competition.
  7. Texas Craft Brewers Cup’s standard marketing guidelines do not grant permission to use competition medals or artwork on any merchandise promoting the win (shirts, hats, glassware, etc.). Individual arrangements may be made with explicit written approval from TCBG contingent on review of merchandise artwork.
  8. These rules do not waive any right to trademark or copyright material of the Texas Craft Brewers Guild.
  9. Following precedent established by the Great American Beer Festival, in an effort to address concerns about beer names and related marketing properties that contain sexually explicit, lewd, or demeaning content that reasonable adult consumers would find inappropriate, beer names entered into the Texas Craft Brewers Cup should meet the guidelines in the Brewers Association Marketing and Advertising Code. In the event that the brand name of a medal winning beer entered in the Texas Craft Brewers Cup is found to not meet the Marketing and Advertising Code, the brewery that entered the medal winning beer is entitled to keep the medal but is not allowed to promote the win using any Texas Craft Brewers Cup or Texas Craft Brewers Guild brand assets.
  10. Failure of any brewery, or of any person acting on a brewery’s behalf or at a brewery’s direction, to comply with these rules may result in suspension from participation in the Texas Craft Brewers Cup for a duration to be determined at the absolute discretion of Texas Craft Brewers Cup organizers. When in doubt, please email if you have any questions about this agreement.
  11. These marketing guidelines were developed for the inaugural year of the competition. The Texas Craft Brewers Guild reserves the right to amend them as any FAQs or situations arise. These guidelines are aimed at ensuring usability and flexibility for brewers promoting their wins, while also protecting the Texas Craft Brewers Guild and the Texas Craft Brewers Cup’s brand assets and the integrity and prestige of the competition.

Please email if you have any questions about this agreement.

2022 Medal Graphics

In downloading & utilizing medal artwork, you agree to abide by the Marketing Guidelines above.

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