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Training 101: How to Train a Panel to Help Make and Sell Better Beer

This presentation is from 2023 Texas Brewery Roundup and was presented by Lindsay Barr from Draughtlab.


Most breweries understand the importance of having a panel of trained tasters to provide valuable feedback on their products, but getting started can be tough. Where do you begin and what’s the best way to train your tasters to give you the insights you need to make better beer and grow your business?

In this talk, Lindsay explored practical techniques and best practices for training your tasters that align with your brewery objectives and are easy to execute without breaking the bank. We’ll cover the essentials of sensory skills and how to structure tasting sessions to get the most useful feedback.

Through hands-on demonstrations, you’ll learn techniques you can apply right away and see how flavor training can help you make better beer, market it more effectively, and ultimately grow your business. By the end of the talk, you’ll be well on your way to building a training program that works!