Find The Right Membership For You

The Texas Craft Brewers Guild has several membership types for breweries, brewery suppliers, and Texas craft beer retailers. Read through our membership descriptions below to figure out which membership is right for you.

Membership Definitions

Brewery - Any operating brewery located in Texas that is:

Small - Annual production of 2 million barrels of beer or less. Production includes any beer produced by or for the Texas brewery or breweries, and breweries outside of Texas that are a part of the same controlled group of breweries for purposes of determining eligibility of the Texas brewery or breweries for the federal beer excise tax rate. 

Independent - The brewery is not partially owned or controlled directly or indirectly by an alcoholic beverage industry member that does not otherwise qualify under this section. 

Traditional - A brewer that has a majority of its total beverage alcohol volume in beers whose flavor derives from traditional or innovative brewing ingredients and their fermentation. Flavored malt beverages (FMBs) are not considered beers. 

Additionally, a Brewery member must hold an approved and currently effective Brewer’s Notice and associated register number issued by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (“TTB”). 

Brewery-In-Planning - Any organization that is planning to open up a brewery in Texas that qualifies for the definition of a brewery outlined above, but does not yet hold a Brewer’s Notice and is not yet selling beer.

Allied Trade - Organizations or professionals conducting business with the brewing industry may join as Allied Trade Members. The organization or professional should be selling goods or services to operating and/or in-planning breweries.

Retail - Any company holding a retail tier license/permit to sell beer in Texas. The retailer must have a strong craft beer focus. Homebrew supply stores in Texas may also qualify for this membership.

Membership Dues

Brewery Dues:

Based on a sliding scale that increases with a brewery's sales. Always use the previous calendar year's sales number when calculating dues (i.e. don't project what you are planning to do in the current calendar year to calculate dues).

Annual dues = $300 + ($0.20 * # of bbls sold through distribution) + ($1.00 * # of bbls sold through your taproom)

For example, if your brewery sold 2,500 bbls through distribution (i.e. through a distributor or self-distributed - in other words, not sold on your premises to a consumer), and 200 bbls through your taproom, then your calculation would be: $300 + ($0.20 * 2,500) + ($1.00 * 250) = $300 + $500 + $200 = $1,000.

Brewery dues include a component that is applied to our lobbying cost each year, and is not tax deductable. The Guild will communicate this number as a percentage each year.

Brewery In Planning Dues:

A brewery in planning pays $300/year - just the flat rate from the above calculation.

When your brewery starts to sell beer, let us know and we will update your status in our records. When  your next renewal is due, we will include your sales numbers in your dues calculation.

(Like operating breweries, a percentage of brewery in planning dues also goes to lobbying.)

Allied Trade: