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Town In City Brewing

1125 W Cavalcade
Houston, TX 77009

Town in City Brewing Company is the oldest brewery of the small town in the big city: the Houston Heights! We are surrounded by five of the seven historic Heights neighborhoods. We a small, family-friendly, neighborhood centric brewery making hand-craft, finely tuned ales.

Our Neighborhood Series includes ales such as our Mosquito's Revenge Pale Ale as a homage to our local "friends", 19th Street Imperial in honor of the Height's original commerce street, our White Oak Wit which defines the southern and western border of the Heights, and our White Linen IPA to celebrate White Linen Night of the Heights held each August.

Our Farm to Market Series starts with our City ales, which are the representative styles and moves to the Suburban ales which we use a domesticated wild yeast to produce esters and phenols typically associated with farmhouse styles but without the acidity or true sourness of our final Farm ales.

Public Hours

Wednesday   3pm - 10pm
Thursday   3pm - 10pm
Friday   3pm - 12am
Saturday   10am - 12am
Sunday   10am - 10pm