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Packaging Operator

Live Oak Brewing Company

Packaging Operator Job Description

Assist lead operators throughout run and especially during jams/malfunctions, often doing several tasks at once; constant attentiveness is required. Equipment operator of all components of canning line as assigned.

Essential Functions

  • Maintain a supply of case trays, restock and maintain 6 pack cartons, assist with lids, can pallets, and full pallet stretch wrapping and labeling.
  • Build pallets of 100 cases of 6 packs by ensuring every individual 6 pack receives a proper and legible packaged on date then build into cases on a tight alternating pattern secure on a pallet.
  • Ensure all package placed into inventory will be of sales quality and free of any defects compromising the package quality.


  • Set up, break down, and cleaning of all equipment involved in the canning operation as directed by lead operators; occasionally assisting with maintenance during down-time.
  • All cleaning process for the canning equipment must be understood and preformed proficiently
  • Operation of keg washers, semi-automated caustic / acid / sani cycles; including keg exterior
  • Maintaining appropriate levels of chemicals during cleaning process
  • Operation of keg filling, brite tank interface, and keg filling QC
  • Performing CIP and Sanitation Cycles on “Octopus” keg filler.

PTO/HEALTH/DENTAL/VISION INSURANCE and more benefits available.

Starting wage $18 based on experience. 

To apply for this job email your details to