lead/assistant/co-brewer needed

Website Hawkins Farmhouse Ales, LLC

grain to glass inspired American experimental farmhouse brewery

We are looking for a passionate brewer looking to do something very different and work with us as we try to scale up from our homebrew recipes into a 7+bbl system. Currently we have a 7 bbl brewhouse with a direct fire kettle and, I would say more of a low efficiency dairy tank thing going on, as far as a mash-tun. We also have 2 7 bbl unitanks and a 3/4 ton in-line chiller that is not doing much of anything. We do have a significant barrel program even at this point as a start-up brewery, as we’ve been doing a lot of spon ferms using one of the smaller dairy tanks that we have on casters.  We’ve actually been really stoked with some the spon beers we’ve been getting; there’s currently about 14 of them filled in a roughly 1,400 SF chilled room. We have another 14 to fill and some of the others need to be bottled. Regardless, I’m in over my head on trying to run this place, engineer everything based on frankenbrew books and YouTube guidance. I need someone to jump in and help me get things going. We had quite a successful opening but most of the beer we’ve been selling has been avant-garde stuff that is only going to interest a certain crowd. I need to dial in my brewhouse efficiency and get proper cooling to make it happen. I’m just a homebrew enthusiast but I need to get someone in here that can help me get the beer I make from the small batches to this bigger system. I would be working along side with you. Jester King, Humble Sea, Alvarado, Ale Apothecary, Crooked Stave are just a few of the breweries that I would say is the direction were interested in moving toward.

To apply for this job email your details to 375davis@gmail.com