Quality Assurance Quality Control Manager

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Quality Assurance Quality Control Manager

Do you love science, beer, and tacos? We may have the job for you! Austin Beerworks is looking for an experienced, qualified candidate to manage and lead our QA/QC lab. The ideal candidate will be comfortable working independently and closely with the current lab technician, production team, and ownership. Should have a very solid understanding ( Microbiology, Analytical Chemistry, Raw material quality assessment, and Sensory evaluation). Austin Beerworks is a dynamic and fast paced work environment that can be hot, loud, wet, humid, and fun! We have a strong culture which consists of quality of beer, quality of life, fun loving, and pride and love for our craft! The candidate should be a self-starter who works well with others and likes to collaborate on developing and implementing new quality standards and procedures. We like to keep a non-blame culture as we work toward solutions. Can communicate clearly and concisely over a few different platforms.   

Job Responsibilities

Measuring daily gravity/pH, and monitoring temperature of active fermentations
VDK measurement of tanks undergoing maturation via distillation and UV-spectrophotometry to ensure complete maturation.
Conducting daily diacetyl sensory analysis via validated diacetyl panel
Tracking diacetyl sensory thresholds of potential panelists 
Conducting attenuation limit tests of representative samples of wort from each fermentation
Tracking of yeast health and pitch rates
Measuring of BU/color in wort and finished beer, tracking via control charts, and communicating deviations to brewery ownership/management
Regeneration of spent iso-octane for re-use
Logging relevant batch  data into spreadsheet and coordinating daily tank actions with cellar operators
Weekly production of media for microbiological screening
Lin’s Cupric Sulfate Media (streak plates)
Lin’s Wild Yeast Media (streak plates)
NBB broth
Hsu’s Lacto/Pedio
Lee’s Multi-Differential (pour plates)
Aseptic sampling of fermentation tanks
Microbiological analysis of wort, fermentation, bright tank, and packaged beer samples on a variety of selective media for wild yeast and bacteria, as well as PCR analysis.
Analysis of micro results and prompt communication of any positive micro hits to ownership/management
Weekly round table sensory release panel of tanks prior to centrifugation/packaging.
Occasional triangle and preference testing of R&D beers, followed by statistical analysis
Occasional benchtop preparations for sensory analysis of new ingredients
Daily measurement of CO2 and dissolved O2 in packaged beer, as well as can weights and regular seem analysis
Measurement of ABV in finished beer via Anton Paar alcolyzer
Maintaining archive of cold and warm-stored packaged beer
Weekly shelf-stability testing of warm-stored beer
Regular inventory and ordering of lab consumables
Regular cleaning and maintenance of lab equipment
Start and stop production when needed for quality purposes whilst maintaining a professional non-blame attitude.

Prefered Qualifications

4-year degree (Preferred: Food Science, Biological Sciences, Chemistry)
Previous lab and/or brewery experience


Competitive Pay
401(k) with 4% matching
Health, vision and dental insurance
Life insurance
Beer, food and merchandise perks
Company cell phone plan
Paid sick and vacation time

To apply for this job please visit employers.indeed.com.