Texas Craft Brewing Industry Has $4.5 Billion Impact on Texas Economy

With more the 200 craft breweries operating throughout Texas today, the industry had an impact of over $4.5 billion on the Texas economy in 2016, the third highest economic impact for a state’s craft beer industry nationwide.

According to the Brewers Association, who conducted the annual study, there were approximately 1,165,579 barrels of independent craft beer produced in Texas in 2016, making Texas the seventh highest craft beer producing state.

While the economic impact, jobs, and community support created by the Texas craft brewing industry have been tremendous, these figures also show that the Texas craft beer industry still has plenty of room to grow. Texas currently ranks 46th in terms of “Breweries per Capita.” As the second largest state in the country by both landmass and population, that still leaves plenty of untapped potential. In fact, there are more breweries in just the city of San Diego than in the entire state of Texas.

A $4.5 billion impact on the Texas economy is an amazing achievement and one the Texas Craft Brewers Guild is very proud of. Still, we could expect to see this number grow significantly higher with a few common-sense legislative reforms. Texas is now the only state in the union to bar production breweries from selling beer-to-go to tasting room patrons (something that is permitted from Texas wineries, distilleries and brewpubs). Allowing off-premise sales would open up a crucial revenue stream for Texas craft brewers to fund the installation of new equipment, the hiring of more personnel, and the production of more beer. It would also provide taproom patrons with a better experience “at the source” and lead to an increase in beer tourism throughout Texas.

It’s a testament to the quality of Texas craft beer, the pioneering spirit of Texas brewers, the passion and thirst of our craft beer drinkers, and the success of previous legislative reforms that the Texas craft beer industry has been able to grow to where it is today. The Texas Craft Brewers Guild and its members work hard to ensure these numbers continue to rise as more and more Texans opt for independent Texas craft beer!