Introducing CraftPAC

January 1, 2019  

The Texas Craft Brewers Guild is excited to announce the launch of CraftPAC, a political action committee (PAC) created to protect the rights of Texas breweries and champion common sense, 21st century legislative reforms.

It’s a testament to the quality of Texas craft beer, the pioneering spirit of Texas brewers, and the passion and thirst of Texans that there are currently more than 200 craft breweries operating in Texas. However, the state only ranks 46th out of 50 nationwide in number of breweries per capita. There’s plenty of room for craft beer to grow in Texas, but archaic, anti-competitive beer laws hold the state back and have had a chilling effect on the industry’s growth.

Championing job growth, increased economic impact, and expanded consumer freedom, CraftPAC will mobilize the whole Texas craft brewing industry and its community of fans to stand up for fixing the state’s beer laws. It’s time for equitable laws that will allow the Texas craft brewing industry to fairly compete on the national stage, attract more entrepreneurship and investment, and see an untapped rise in craft beer tourism. 

Visit the CraftPAC for more information.