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How to Brew a Business Plan

Craig and Veronica have a kick-ass business plan. It’s so good, that they’ve had a rash of people contact them recently and tell them that they straight up stole it, modified it, used it, and got funded with it (for real, a guy from Virginia emailed them last month, and a guy at the meeting a few weeks back came up to them on Friday night). They want to help even more people create solid business plans and get funded. Taking the plunge to brewery owner is very exciting and is within reach. They’ll help you build your brewery from the ground up.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explanation of what a business plan is
  • All of the elements that go into a business plan: budget, location selection, building a safety minded culture, driving efficiency, building a quality driven approach
  • How to determine who the right vendors are for you
  • Learn how to take your data and elevate your business plan
  • Access to Veronica and Craig’s business plan template

Presented by Veronica and Craig Bradley at the Texas Craft Brewers Guild’s 2022 Texas Brewery Roundup.

More about the speakers:

Veronica Bradley: Veronica was raised in and by the hospitality industry. Her dad has been a restaurant furniture sales rep since she was born, often taking her to new construction sites, visiting loyal clients, and teaching her the ins and outs of the hospitality business. Before opening Vector, she bided her time as an advertising copywriter and creative director, taking photos professionally, and raising two rambunctious kiddos. Now she does all of the stuff at the pub that no one sees, runs the company website, and handles events—and still works as an advertising copywriter.

Craig Bradley: Craig was one of the four original employees of Lakewood Brewing Company, working there for six years. He was responsible for building the brand from the ground up, as well as some of the actual original building. He has also worked various positions in the hospitality industry, as well as serving as a creative director at one of Dallas’ largest firms. At Vector, Craig handles all things design, names most of their beers, and is the head of their intense squeegee program.