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Finding & Keeping Great Employees

This presentation is from 2023 Annual Meeting and was given by Holly Haslam from the Brewers Association.


Did you know that there are TWO job openings for every one person seeking a job?
Did you also know that the cost of turnover is 2/3 of that employee’s pay?
Acquisition and retention of employees has been a hot topic for the last couple of years and the Brewers Association HR Ambassador, Holly Haslam, is here to share her knowledge on those two topics. Learn how to better your hiring and training processes to attract better qualified applicants and help them make a career out of working for your company.




In April 2022, Holly Haslam joined the Brewers Association as the organization’s first Human Resources (HR) Partner. With a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Substance Abuse Prevention, Education, and Treatment from Central Michigan University, she went on to pursue her master’s degree in Business Administration specializing in Human Resource Management at the University of Northern Colorado. Holly serves as a volunteer leader with the Boulder Area HR Association (BAHRA) as their President for 2023, working with local HR experts to provide educational content to the Boulder HR community. Holly’s experience building HR functions, employee engagement initiatives, and training/advancement programs led her to specialize in helping small organizations create systems that aid in employee professional development and retention. Holly utilizes the insight and experience she has gained working within small organizations to equip leaders in the craft brewing community with the knowledge and resources needed to take care of their most valuable assets—their people!