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Industry Advocacy Toolkit

Supporting HB 2003 / SB 752

Tools & Assets

Social Media

Graphics and copy suggestions for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

-Graphics, Photos, and Videos for social media (Download Here)
-Social Media Cheat Sheet: sample language, hashtags, key links, etc. (Download Here)

Posters for Your Taproom

Pick some up at an upcoming Guild event or download and print your own here!

-8.5 x 11 Printable Poster (Download Here)
-11×17 Printable Poster (Download Here)

Contact Your Legislators

As small businesses in their legislative districts, direct outreach from our member brewery owners/employees to legislators will drastically increase our odds of passing these bills!

Man working from home on laptop

-Send your brewery’s legislators a customized email expressing your support (Brewery Email Tool)
-Invite your legislator to the brewery for a meeting/tour (Download Email Template Here)

-Are you an Allied Trade or Retail member looking to express support? Please Sign Our Petition instead! (More direct email campaigns will be launched as the bills progress through committee.)

Press Release & Media Talking Points

Whether you’re approached by a media outlet or would like to pitch one on a story about how Beer To You will impact your business– these might come in handy!

-Beer To You Press Release (Download Here)
-Talking Points for interviews & meetings (Download Here)

Key Links

Ideas for Further Support

Here are a few additional areas where we could use help from our members to amplify our voice!

  • Spreading the word about Beer To You in your customer newsletter
  • Emailing your mug club/bottle club/loyalty program members
  • Adding a link to the Beer To You take action page on your website
  • Writing an Op-Ed in your local newspaper*
  • Asking your city council member to file a local resolution expressing support for Beer To You (this won’t change state law or local ordinance, but can be a good local media/visibility tactic)*

And of course…

*These ideas specifically will require some coordination and could be more effective in certain districts/regions of the state. If you’re interested please email Guild Staff to discuss


Please contact to reach Guild staff!

Let’s Do This!