2013 Texas Craft Beer Production Results

June 3, 2014

Austin, TX – June 3, 2014 – The Texas craft beer industry grew more than 17% in 2013 based on volume of craft beer produced, according to the Texas Craft Brewers Guild, the non-profit trade association for Texas craft brewers. Most impressive, Texas craft brewers producing less than 225,000 barrels of beer per year – nearly 100 of them – grew 44%.

These strong growth numbers, as measured by production volume, demonstrate Texas consumers’ growing desire for high quality, locally produced beer, in the wide variety of styles and flavors that craft breweries actively offer.

Beer production is measured in barrels – a quantity of beer equivalent to two standard kegs of beer, or about 55 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles or cans.  Overall, Texas craft breweries brewed 833,191 barrels of craft beer in 2013, up from 708,338 in 2012, a growth rate of 17.63%.

Texas breweries producing less than 225,000 barrels per year, however, were able to begin selling beer in their taprooms as of last summer, thanks to legislation passed by the 83rd Texas Legislature. These breweries and brewpubs brewed 265,958 barrels in 2013, up from 184,338 in 2012 – weighing in with a hefty 44.28% growth rate. Where previously these producers represented less than 1% of the beer consumed in Texas, their volume percentage now ticks upward, reaching 1.36% in 2013.

Nationally, the craft beer market grew by 18% in 2013, according to the Brewers Association, the national trade association for craft brewers.  Overall, craft beer brewers produced 15.6 million barrels of craft beer, giving Texas producers a 5.34% share of the national craft beer market.

“The Texas Craft Brewers Guild is excited to see the continued strong growth of Texas craft beer,” says Charles Vallhonrat, Executive Director of the Texas Craft Brewers Guild. “Texas Craft Brewers Guild members brew 98.66% of the craft beer produced in Texas. They worked tirelessly in 2013 to keep Texas competitive with other states when it comes to the marketing and sale of craft beer.”

“At the same time, they are maintaining high standards, offering outstanding, award-winning beers with exceptional quality and taste,” Vallhonrat continues. “The Guild highlights these beers every year at the Texas Craft Brewers Festival, where only Texas craft beer is offered and Texas fans always come out in force to support our vibrant craft beer community. It’s a great time to be a fan of Texas craft beer.”