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KegSpeed enables you to deliver fresher product and engage customers more deeply with your brand.

KegSpeed has developed inexpensive, proprietary hardware for tracking kegs that works with normal mobile phones. Our solution tracks full and empty cooperage at distribution warehouses and every vendor - automatically and in real-time without any manual scanning. In contrast to RFID, our solution works well with palletized stacks of metal kegs and requires no specialized reading equipment. In contrast to bar codes, our solution is automatic with no manual scanning. We also track your kegs in transit while they are on delivery trucks.

Our software and reports lets you measure and understand the performance of each of your handles. KegSpeed determines how many full and empty are at each account, and how long kegs stay on tap.

We also provide social marketing to strengthen customer's engagement with your brand.
KegSpeed is a complete hardware/software solution benefiting operations, sales and marketing.

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