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ICON Ecological Solutions, LLC proudly serves Texas. We do not supply the all too common cookie cutter approach of pest control. We provide what pest companies should have been supplying all along- pest prevention. The EcoLogic® Professional Services list of solutions make perfect sense as each is safe and effective; intelligently designed to save you time, money, and unnecessary frustration.

Our team is not just passionate about delivering on our promise to each and every customer – they are obsessed with it. Results through quality, reliability, and exceptional value are all standard issue with ICON. Here you will find an unwavering commitment to safeguarding your health, property, and reputation. Our No Excuse Policy means we will not tolerate pests for any reason when you partner with us – rely on ICON

ICON is the definitive expert in the industry and provides pest solutions exclusively to commercial clients. Our services are a proven and integrated approach that use strategic methods to first eradicate pests and then protect your property from further pest infestation. Service strategies will be customized for your facility and will include the use of the best tools and personnel available in the industry. Commercial only care places our attention on you and this means outstanding quality of service and unsurpassed results.

Sustainable methods and having a dedication to ongoing improvement, ICON is determined to deliver pest solutions that create unprecedented efficacy and environmental care. We agree with government initiatives to reduce pesticide usage, as detailed by the EPA’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP). ICON’s belief and implementation of true IPM based services also supports the U.S. Green Building Council program – LEED.

EcoLogic® Professional Services:
Air Quality Program
Bed Bug Remediation
Bird Exclusion
Commensal Rodents
Consulting and Training
Crickets and Other Common Invading Occasional Invaders
Electronic Reporting
Flying Insect & ILT Programs Floor Care and Sanitation Products
Organic Programs
Sanitation and Structural Inspections
Small Fly Elimination and Prevention
Stored Product Pests
Termite Baiting and Residual Treatments
Third Party Audits: HACCP | AIB | SQF ULV and Fumigation Treatments
Wildlife Relocation and Exclusion

Reduce Risk | Increase Profits | Protect and Build Your Competitive Brand | Peace of Mind

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