Wim Bens

Director (Appointed)
Lakewood Brewing Company

I was born in Belgium and moved to scenic Mansfield, TX when I was 7. Seeing as how there’s not much to do during Texas summers except find shade or AC, we would retreat to Belgium to visit family. Through those trips I was exposed to good beer from a young age and the night I turned 21 I found a barstool at the Flying Saucer on Greenville to finally have a Belgian beer in the US. That night started my journey into beer and craft beer specifically. While working on getting through all 200 beers at the Saucer, I graduated from SMU with a degree in Advertising. I started a career in that field and for ten years worked as an Art Director primarily on consumer package goods and entertainment accounts. Meanwhile, I found home brewing and like most of you I became hooked on the perfect blend of science and creativity. After a few years of practice I applied to the American Brewer’s Guild to start my journey to becoming a professional brewer. After completing the Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering portion of the program, I quit my job and apprenticed at Rahr and Sons in Ft. Worth. While there, I started to work out the logistics of opening a brewery of my own. In 2012 with the help of family and friends, we moved into a former carpet and flooring warehouse and began construction. We released our first two beers that August and have been growing and expanding ever since. We’ve made a name for ourselves through our core values of quality, customer service, inclusiveness and giving back to the community.