Chip McElroy

Live Oak Brewing Company

  • Lived in Austin since 1975 when I came to UT for undergraduate school and continued through to a PhD. in biochemistry in 1988.
  • During graduate school in about 1983 learned to brew, really only ferment, as we used extracts instead of really mashing malt.
  • Post-doc’ed in SD, CA 89-92 and really learned how mash properly and to brew lagers (and ales) etc. with another post-doc.  Saw a few brewpubs and small breweries and got interested, very interested.
  • Moved back to Austin 1992 and started the Texas Brewers Festivals with Larry Warshaw and Eric McQuaid before there had ever been any kind of beer festival in Texas.  Did them in 5 largest TX cities once per year for about 4 years.  Biggest was in Dallas one year where we had about 20,000 attendees. 
  • Joined Zealots and started brewing with Brian Peters.  We founded LOBC in about 1995 and sold our first beer in 1997.
  • Got started in beer politics – meeting with WBDT’s Mike McKinney to change beer laws - during tenure with Texas Brewers Festival. Have been involved ever since.